Recently Bilal spoke to Complex Magazine to touch on a few of his notable rap collaborations. Make sure you go to iTunes/Amazon or go out and buy Bilal’s album Airtight’s Revenge in stores NOW!!! Support your artists!!

“That was one of the few songs where I was actually there with the cats. [Laughs.] I’ve always loved Pharrell’s shit and I love Clipse and what they do. I was in the studio working with Pharrell on some shit for me at the time when I was signed to Interscope. Pharrell put the beat on and at the time he was singing the chorus. He was like, ‘Yo, how you feel about singing this chorus?’ I was like, ‘Hell yeah.’ So he took his vocals out, and I re-sang it. Then Clipse came in and they were like, ‘Yo what you think about putting a verse down?’ I was like, ‘Really?’ I mean, cats usually just ask me to do a chorus and then it’s over. I was like, ‘Word.’ I wrote some shit in a few minutes then I laid it down. It was really fun. That’s one of my favorites too.” (via Complex Mag)