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As I begin my site I am truly hoping it comes out neat and how I want it to be presented. My site is short and simple. It is about music and “nonsense”. What I mean by nonsense is that sometimes I may go a little off-topic and it might seem like nonsense to some. By this I might widen my audience and attract more people. My audience is mainly music lovers pushing more towards R&B music. With this site I am hoping to gain a little more confidence in my ability to show the world my talents, both technologically and musically.


Unusual & Creative Navigation

I really enjoyed looking at this page because it was so abstract and it the colors blended so beautifully that I felt attracted to the site. With the home page just drawing you in to find out what this site is about I highly recommend checking this website out!

Clean & Minimal Navigation

The reason I chose this website is simply because it was easy to get through. There were no difficulties found during my search through this site. It was straight to the point and I found that there was “less clicking” than usual. There is nothing that  could possibly be overlooked. Everything was there for your eyes to see.

This was my first time ever experiencing a site like gliffy. I am new to site building and the site building programs. The site can be very technical at times which makes things pretty difficult to understand. Nonetheless once you get the basics down; it becomes really easy to learn and do. This program really helped me learn about and what to expect while I am building my site.