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On This Page Music Is Playing ^

On This Page Music Is Playing ^


While it was fun doing this, my web publishing class is about to end today. It’s been an exciting time, especially since this was one of my first college classes ever. I enjoy having Professor Katz as an instructor and I can not wait to have her teach me in another class again! Web Publishing is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT. It takes time and precision amongst other things and this semester I’ve been trying to figure out how college works so I feel as if I might have taken this class a little bit too early. I believe I am the youngest student in a class of mostly seniors so it isn’t exactly easy to compete against them. I’ve been working so hard on getting this site to look beautiful and set up that I am definitely going to end up using it. I might change a few things to make it look better but other than that I love it. Dreamweaver is very simple at times when you sit down and take time to watch the tutorials but it is tiring and tedious. Purchasing a server will become difficult because I have no way of paying for it right now but as soon as I am able to I shall. The website was hard for a long time because I wasn’t really focusing on the tutorials but since I decided to sit and focus It has worked out to my advantage. I hope you enjoy my new website!

Unusual & Creative Navigation

I really enjoyed looking at this page because it was so abstract and it the colors blended so beautifully that I felt attracted to the site. With the home page just drawing you in to find out what this site is about I highly recommend checking this website out!

Clean & Minimal Navigation

The reason I chose this website is simply because it was easy to get through. There were no difficulties found during my search through this site. It was straight to the point and I found that there was “less clicking” than usual. There is nothing that  could possibly be overlooked. Everything was there for your eyes to see.

A different Nicki with minor tags. No more voices just like she said in her Complex Mag interview. Pink Friday drops in stores November 23rd. Much Respect to Lowkey! Download below.

Nicki Minaj – Right Thru Me (Tags)

UPDATE: tagless version on deck!! Via Miss P.

Nicki Minaj – Right Through Me (No Tags)

While in Intro To Web Publishing class today we worked on photoshop and this interesting new thing called Google Search Story! I thought it would be extremely complicated but it is not! Anyone can do it! It is quick and easy to make. Google Search Story is a program created to tell a specific story about what people in the world are searching for. Mine for example was about music and soul. I strongly advise everyone to make one just for fun! Above is mine. Click here to make your own.

Here’s my photoshop creation. ♥ Bilal

Originally said to be produced by 9th Wonder, Light skinned Jermaine J. Cole comes out with yet another hot record. This is also featured on NBA Elite 11.

J. Cole – The Plan (Prod. by J. Cole)

It’s been about a year since Kanye West’s crowning moment of ’09. Since then he’s completely reformed into good person. Apologizing tons of times and putting out tracks every week til his album releases. There’s no question that Kanye faced tons of scrutiny from the public/media after his 2009 VMA incident, but one of the most shocking comments came from President Barack Obama, who called him a ‘jackass’ during this ABC interview.

When Obama called me “jackass”, after the Taylor incident, I thought that the person to be speaking off the record. Obama has way more important stuff to worry about than my public perception. He was trying to pass the healthcare bill. And if he said that to relate to the room or lighten the room up and the whole mood, then I’d be more than happy to be the butt of all of his jokes if it in the some way helps his overall mission. I’m a soldier of culture. I’m resilient. I’m sure I’ll still beat him in basketball.

Shouts out to Karen Civil on the transcription.

Jay Rock takes over Lex Luger’s “Hard In The Paint” instrumental and completely demolishes it.

Jay Rock – Hard In The Paint Freestyle

Singer/Rapper/Producer/Writer Novel comes out with a nice dedication/message freestyle to Hip-Hop hoping that it will go back to the days when it had essence.

Novel Ft. Jazze Pha – Dear Hip-Hop (aka Lauryn Hill)

After a very long wait we finally have gotten our hands on the Mark Ronson/D’angelo collabo track from Ronson’s Record Collection LP (due out September 28th). Needless to say the record is nothing less than incredible. Ronson recently revealed to that he has started work on another high profile project. According to the producer/artist, he will soon hit the studio to carve out some material for D’Angelo’s third solo album. Click the link below to download.

Mark Ronson Feat. D’Angelo – Glass Mountain Trust