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Singer/Rapper/Producer/Writer Novel comes out with a nice dedication/message freestyle to Hip-Hop hoping that it will go back to the days when it had essence.

Novel Ft. Jazze Pha – Dear Hip-Hop (aka Lauryn Hill)


After a very long wait we finally have gotten our hands on the Mark Ronson/D’angelo collabo track from Ronson’s Record Collection LP (due out September 28th). Needless to say the record is nothing less than incredible. Ronson recently revealed to that he has started work on another high profile project. According to the producer/artist, he will soon hit the studio to carve out some material for D’Angelo’s third solo album. Click the link below to download.

Mark Ronson Feat. D’Angelo – Glass Mountain Trust

Tank – Emergency

Here is Tank’s second single titled “Emergency” off his upcoming album Now Or Never. I was very upset to find out that the album scheduled for a November 9th release is now pushed back to December 14th. A long wait it is, but that’s always the case when it comes to good music. In addition here is the song that was originally said to be the second single featuring Drake. Download both below! Shout outs to Kingz!

Tank – Emergency

Tank Ft. Drake – Celebration

Recently Bilal spoke to Complex Magazine to touch on a few of his notable rap collaborations. Make sure you go to iTunes/Amazon or go out and buy Bilal’s album Airtight’s Revenge in stores NOW!!! Support your artists!!

“That was one of the few songs where I was actually there with the cats. [Laughs.] I’ve always loved Pharrell’s shit and I love Clipse and what they do. I was in the studio working with Pharrell on some shit for me at the time when I was signed to Interscope. Pharrell put the beat on and at the time he was singing the chorus. He was like, ‘Yo, how you feel about singing this chorus?’ I was like, ‘Hell yeah.’ So he took his vocals out, and I re-sang it. Then Clipse came in and they were like, ‘Yo what you think about putting a verse down?’ I was like, ‘Really?’ I mean, cats usually just ask me to do a chorus and then it’s over. I was like, ‘Word.’ I wrote some shit in a few minutes then I laid it down. It was really fun. That’s one of my favorites too.” (via Complex Mag)

New Pete Rock!! Off the forthcoming Pete Rock & Smif-N-Wessun album, Monumental, dropping soon. Shout out to one of the greatest sites on earth YK2

Pete Rock & Smif-N-Wessun – Prevail (Ft. Raekwon)

Growing up I’ve always enjoyed two things; music and technology. Recently there have been many blogs appearing posting new music. I have come to love these sites and follow them actively. A very exciting time for me as a Freshmen in College was selecting the classes I’d be taking for the 2010-11 year. While choosing my classes I was told I had to pick electives and as soon as I saw Intro To Web Publishing, I knew I had to take this class. I used to constantly tell myself that I should make a blog and/or website to show off my singing skills to the world. Now with the help of this class I can finally do just that!

Kanye West Ft. Pusha T – Runaway

Kanye West Ft. Pusha T – Runaway


A beautiful photo by Rihanna. Not so sure about the song. I think she is rushing her album and needs to slow it down a bit.. If anyone still buys music; the single is coming out on iTunes on Sept. 21. Her 5th studio album “LOUD!” is said to be coming out in November.

Rihanna – Only Girl (In The World)