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On This Page Music Is Playing ^

On This Page Music Is Playing ^


While it was fun doing this, my web publishing class is about to end today. It’s been an exciting time, especially since this was one of my first college classes ever. I enjoy having Professor Katz as an instructor and I can not wait to have her teach me in another class again! Web Publishing is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT. It takes time and precision amongst other things and this semester I’ve been trying to figure out how college works so I feel as if I might have taken this class a little bit too early. I believe I am the youngest student in a class of mostly seniors so it isn’t exactly easy to compete against them. I’ve been working so hard on getting this site to look beautiful and set up that I am definitely going to end up using it. I might change a few things to make it look better but other than that I love it. Dreamweaver is very simple at times when you sit down and take time to watch the tutorials but it is tiring and tedious. Purchasing a server will become difficult because I have no way of paying for it right now but as soon as I am able to I shall. The website was hard for a long time because I wasn’t really focusing on the tutorials but since I decided to sit and focus It has worked out to my advantage. I hope you enjoy my new website!

Why I Chose Web Publishing

Growing up I’ve always enjoyed two things; music and technology. Recently there have been many blogs appearing posting new music. I have come to love these sites and follow them actively. A very exciting time for me as a Freshmen in College was selecting the classes I’d be taking for the 2010-11 year. While choosing my classes I was told I had to pick electives and as soon as I saw Intro To Web Publishing, I knew I had to take this class. I used to constantly tell myself that I should make a blog and/or website to show off my singing skills to the world. Now with the help of this class I can finally do just that!